Marc Gutman

Marc Gutman

About WildStory

We believe passionately in the power of stories and emotional connection to change minds, perception, lives and ultimately the world.

Our WildStory

We’re a story, brand, and content shop in Superior, CO that believes sharing authentic stories creates buyers and brand loyalty. We look for the big picture, to develop insights and solutions to significant business problems that have no easy answers. We consider everything from story, strategy, culture, brand, and content — knowing each and every one of these impacts who you are as a brand and how you are seen by your employees, customers, and prospects. We believe that you deserve a creative partner who thinks big, asks the right questions, and believes your wildstory is the secret to your long term success.

Our Values

A brand’s values clearly show who and what is valued.

Our values are exactly what they should be: non-negotiables. We hire, fire, and evaluate on these values. We live them day in and day out. They are not words that are simply posted on our website or some artifact in the office - these values live and breathe via our daily articulation and expression.

Our Process

The WILDSTORY process is based on story – specifically telling the story of your customer and how your products and services make them the heroes of their own lives. It is a methodology that is people-first and rooted in empathy.

We employ the same techniques that Hollywood uses to create blockbuster movies and stories.

We collaborate across culture, brand, and content to create powerful and emotionally charged brands.

Learn about our process:


Culture equals Brand. It’s that simple. Yet most organizations struggle to build the internal culture they need to achieve their external brand goals. We work with internal teams to build a vision for the desired culture, develop strategy, and then help put actionable frameworks in place so that culture building is an intentional activity – not one of hope or magic.


A brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what your prospects and customers say it is. Every interaction with your brand impacts this “gut-feeling about your brand. From strategy, to identity, to design, and communications we can help craft a successful brand platform so you always know exactly what to say and how to say it so that your most desired customers buy from you again and again.


It’s not enough to just tell our customers what we sell and why. We must show them as well. Now more than ever, buyers are connecting the WHO a company is to WHAT they sell. The best way to share your story is through a strategically designed content strategy. One that harnesses your competitive differentiator – your brand story. We love all forms of content – verbal, visual, video, audio, and design. We can help you turn a figment of an idea into an award-winning piece of content that will make your audience feel it like you know it.